Black is Beautiful Friday

Black is Beautiful FridayBlack Friday is a blessing and a burden.

Blessing: BLACK is lifted to the highest echelon of American esteem.
Burden: America depends on consumerism.


Like most things its good to keep a grounded perspective. People of faith are called to be IN the world but not OF the world.

So, take advantage of a really good deal on a much needed item. But avoid the seduction to buy things no one needs with money no one has (credit cards). You can do it. Make a reasonable list and stick to it. Chant, “only the list, only the list” when you go shopping or see commercials.

We love to see stores do well, but no matter how big the black margin, most employees are not going to get a raise because of it. Whenever possible, shop locally-owned stores. Make a side trip to that little store in the little historic downtown area. Anyone still in small retail business works extra hard to bring you unique items with unsurpassed customer service.

Finally, buy one gift that has no substance, called “alternative giving.” Yes, for someone who truly does not need or even want another gift, make a donation in their honor. Give them a Christmas card beautifully recognizing the gift. Write a line or two expressing your love and respect. Now that’s a gift that gives deeply.


Inspired by the Blog of Benjamin Corey

Alternative Giving:
One of my favorite organizations which equally helps ALL people recover from disaster: Make a donation and print this card.

Here’s a bunch of similar ways to give. It says “Presbyterian,” but we Presbyterian work with other denominations and faiths whenever possible to serve anyone in need while respecting them and their particular background.

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